Medical Assistance In Dying Essay

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The Right of medical assistance in dying is made so that people who are sick or are in deep pain can end their own life with the help of a doctor. For a person to do this there are many requirements they have to meet. A person must be 18 years old and able to think for themselves, must have a serious medical condition, the decision of medical assistance in dying must be made without influence, and they must be given a consent to receive the assistance in dying. Furthermore, the serious medical condition can be described by an advanced state of decline that cannot be reversed, and an unbearable physical or mental suffering from the medical condition. When a person is given the consent to sign, it contains the following information. The consent…show more content…
Now, most people see this as a good thing, because patients can choose when they want to die if they cannot handle themselves anymore. Unfortunately, many people do not see the other factors that are being affected, and one main one is whether the doctor wants to help assist or not. If this goes against a doctor’s morals, they can refer another doctor to do it. This seems unfair, because Christian doctors around the country argue that, “referrals are morally equivalent to participating in the procedure” (Globe and Mail). Many colleges and fellow doctors do support this argument, and one doctor who works in the intensive care unit says that a patient is of greater value than their preference (Globe and Mail). This statement makes a lot of sense, because when a person is in a great deal of pain they do not think as clearly as they should. Normally, they would think of the fastest way to end that pain and misery they are going through. So, when a patient rushes a decision between life and death in the hands of a doctor, this can become a heavy decision to make. Then, this becomes an unfair decision for a doctor because he/she can help the patient by breaking their morals, or beliefs/religion, or the doctor cannot help the patient and refer to another doctor who can do the procedure. The problem with the referral the doctor must make it that they still feel like they are participating in the procedure, which begins to affect their rights as citizens of

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