Argument Against Citizen United States

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We aren't what our founding fathers intended, instead we are fuel to corporate america. A government's duty to protect and allow its people to prosper. Ours since the famous case Citizen United has looked at Corporations as people. This has through our democracy into a bidding war for our policy makers. The land of the free has the most people in jail. We're more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt! We made educating ourselves to drive innovation a shackle millions down! While we spend nearly fifty percent of the world's military expenditures. With five percent of the world population to pay for it. We have generated the perfect environment for a Military, Education, and Prison industrial complex. With corporations now granted the same right as citizens. They're free to release their armies of lobbyists to sway politicians vote. To secure particular big money contracts at taxpayers expense. With knowledge being power, then powers reserved for those will to take the risk and pay for it. With the cost of a college education skyrocketing, more and…show more content…
All feeding the Military Industrial complex. Some are necessary, most excess. A Business Insider article "military spending has risen 114 percent in the past 13 years. Beating the Regan Cold War Era by 8 percent. Nearly half of our Budget is designated to military spending. Due to this it's continued to be one of the leading reasons for our country's tremendous debt. Accounting for 1.7 Trillion that has grown to 6 Trillion tacking on Interest. It cost 1 percent of our Nation's gross domestic product to even maintain our arsenal back in 2011. Looking at the current Environment of the GOP debates. All the Candidates now denounced the IRAQ war twelve years later. It shouldn’t have taken 14 years to realize that fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and
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