Operant Conditioning Research Paper

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OPERANT CONDITIONING WILLIAM WRIGHT GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY In this paper I will discuss the way that teacher can influence their students by either providing positive reinforcement to those students who do what they are supposed to do and punish the students who do not. I will define things like positive reinforcement as well as negative reinforcement. I will give the definitions of punishment as well as giving examples of how each of these may apply in everyday life. To begin I will give the definition of Operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a form of learning, with this learning an individual behavior is a result of the consequences related to that behavior in which they are displaying. There are different types…show more content…
By providing negative reinforcement, it is a reminder of the behavior and the consequences associated with the behavior, therefore removing the thought of the behavior before it starts make negative reinforcement a positive tool. An example of negative reinforcement would be; if a child talks while standing in line, when no one should be talking; before lining the kids up remind them that there should not be any talking or make a comment and get a confirmation for one of the talkers. The difference between negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement is positive reinforcement supports a behavior and negative reinforcement is the result of something that has already happen. Another part of operant conditioning is punishment. The definition of punishment is it is the result of a type of behavior. Punishment is a tool used as reinforcement for an acceptable behavior. There are different types of punishments; punishment can be positive as well as negative. Negative punishment is used to eliminate unacceptable behavior; whereas positive punishment is used to correct a behavior and reinforce positive behaviors. An example of positive punishment is having disruptive child assistance in teaching the class that he/she is being disruptive in. An example of negative punishment is taking that same disruptive child, writing them up and sending them to the office making an example of them for the

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