Problem-Oriented Policing: Findin Analysis

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Problem-oriented policing (POP) was used in Madison, Wisconsin, Newport News, Virginia, and Baltimore County, Maryland in the 1980s. The police departments who used POP developed it adopting the concepts that were previously developed by Herman Goldstein, and he was able to test his ideas in Wisconsin. POP was used in Virginia for the purpose of dealing with thefts, burglaries, and domestic violence. In Maryland it was used to address the fear of crime. In POP there are four steps, abbreviated as SARA, and they consist of Scanning (the identification of the problem), Analysis (analyzing the problem), Response (search for alternative solutions to the problem), and Assessment (implementation and assessment of a response to the problem). Scanning normally consists of…show more content…
Response consists of brainstorming ways to deal with the problem, looking at what has been done elsewhere when the problem was dealt with, choosing alternative ways to deal with the problem, making a plan of response to the problem and identifying responsible parties in the plan, stating what the plan should accomplish, and implementing the plan of response. Assessment is if the plan was implemented, the collection of qualitative and quantitative data that is pre- and post-response, deciding whether the objectives were accomplished or not, finding anything that can make the plan work or make it work better, and doing an ongoing assessment to make sure there is continued effectiveness against the

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