Is Conflict: Rhetorical Analysis

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Current Event 4 The BCC article “IS Conflict: France launches air strikes in Syria” informs the public that France has joined the United States and United Kingdom in carrying out air strikes in Syria. At first, France was against leading an attack due to an international law that states it cannot attack targets in Syria, but has now decided that the threat the Islamic State (IS) poses is too great. The war in Syria has caused over four million Syrians to flee the country in fear of the jihadists of the IS and the current president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. Additionally, the United States and United Kingdom, along with fighting against the IS, want to remove President Assad from power. He is accused of killing thousands of his own people by…show more content…
First off, the article was purely informational so it did not propose an argument. However, the author and Mr. Bowen still used rhetorical devices to establish their credibility. The main rhetorical device used in the article was logos. Many facts and statistics were stated throughout the document such as the number of Syrians killed in the civil war and the number of refugees who fled Syria. In addition to the written word, Bowen provides a map showing the location of air strikes in Syria and one providing the major areas where refugees are fleeing to. Bowen states the facts in order to increase credibility and prove that he is knowledgeable but also to appeal to the reader’s emotions. The statistics are an example of pathos because being informed about the large number of people being harmed due to the conflict creates a sense of pity for the people in Syria. Finally, the author and Bowen use ethos by including responses from the president of France, the UK prime minister, the president of Russia, and the US Secretary of State. By offering statements from those important leaders it further established the accuracy of both of their arguments. Overall, both authors used many rhetorical devices in order to help support the information they were presenting in the
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