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Info Speech Outline Worksheet INTRODUCTION Attention-Getter/Hook: What virus has a 50-90% mortality rate? Purpose (state specific purpose, relate topic to audience and establish credibility): I am here today to inform the audience about the virus that has the entire world on high alert. State Thesis & Main Points: What is Ebola, how do you prevent it, and why is it important to us in the United States? Connective/Transition: BODY (3 MAIN POINTS PREFERRED) I. Main Point: What is Ebola? A. SUBPOINT: Ebola History. 1. “In 1976 the first case of Ebola... infected over 284 people with a mortality rate of 53%”. (Centers for Disease Control) a. Original carrier of Ebola is still unknown. b. Ebola,…show more content…
Tracing who could be at risk of Ebola b. Quarantining those people 2. Honor system. a. We only know what is recorded on the questioner. b. Already a case where someone lied on their questioner. C. SUBPOINT: Threat to spread. 1. Ebola is hard to contain. a. There’s no real way to tell where every person has been. b. Not everyone that has been in contact with the virus has come forth. c. Because of how the virus is spread, and that it can take 21 days for symptoms to show. 2. It takes months to recover from Ebola. a. Loss of sensory functions b. Hair Loss c. Liver Inflammation d. Weakness e. Fatigue f. Headaches g. Eye Inflammation h. Testicular Inflammation. i. (Mayo Clinic) Connective: Conclusion Restate Thesis & Review Main Points: By knowing what Ebola is, how to protect yourself, and how Ebola is relevant in the United States, we can be ready in case of an Ebola outbreak. Concluding Purpose (restates specific purpose, reinforce relevance of topic to audience): Ebola is already in the United States, it poses a threat of spreading, by being informed about the virus we can be prepared for the worst. CLOSURE/CLINCHER (end with a bang, not a

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