Comparing The Initial Impressions Of Othello And Iago

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The Initial Impressions of Othello and Iago In reference to the first act of Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago and Othello are vastly differentiating characters. Overall, in the beginning of the first act of Othello, we are not immediately introduced to the character Othello; rather, we simply rely on the perceptions of his character devised by Iago . Instead of simply using his name, Othello is commonly referred to as ‘him’, ‘he’, and ‘the moor’ (1.1.58). Additionally recounted as being a ‘Barbary horse’ (1.1.111), Iago’s frequently concerning nature of race is portrayed as quite demeaning and that out of aggression and jealousy. From these references, we are able to immediately understand Iago’s true feelings and motives for power and his own prosperity. Iago, in spite of being denied the position of lieutenant, continues to serve Othello, simply to serve his own purposes as he states, "I…show more content…
Iago continuously exemplifies his hate for the Moor, Othello, through his speech to overemphasize his purpose to manipulate, persuade, and ultimately seek revenge upon his character. In a speech with Roderigo, Iago blatantly expresses his hatred for Othello by saying "I have told thee often and I retell thee again and again, I hate the Moor: my cause is hearted; thine hath no less reason” (1.3.723-725). Based on these contrived opinions, Iago can be described as someone who is essentially only concerned with himself and his affluence so long as it grows. Iago’s coarse and commonly inappropriate barbarous and monstrous related language additionally conveys Iago’s feelings against Othello’s marriage in a much more pronounced way. The image of an ‘old black ram’ offers various negative perspectives and judgments of Othello, far more prominently when an ‘old

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