Why Cheerleading Is Considered A Sport

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Kevona Townsel Decemember.1.2015 Mr. Anderson Bell03 three two one we declare a sport! We own the court! Why do cheerleaders not get their credit where it is due? Cheerleading is the number one cause of dreadful /alarming injuries (Voigt). Is the sports football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, or even gymnastics more dangerous sports than cheerleading? Although misinformed people may say or think, cheerleading is an activity Just to support the athletes. Cheerleading Is a sport that involves way more than just supporting other athletes .it requires very harsh and disciplined training ;difficult skills such as acrobatics. Finally yet importantly, they train to compete for a certain spots…show more content…
The routines are usually from one to three minutes, may contain many components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunting in order to direct eyewitnesses of events to cheer for sports, teams at games or to participate in cheerleading competitions. Cheerleaders are a silly sideline ornament who faithfully fulfills the stereotype that played by media: mean, pretty, popular, thin and dumb (Smith). Here is why that is wrong according to “Msn Encarta the definition of a sport is an individual or group competitive picture involving physical extortion or skill governed by rules or engaged professionally, Which Cheerleaders fulfill every aspect! Defined under the word: sport”…show more content…
(New York Times) There is sideline cheerleading; where they are the spirit squad, cheering for the team encouraging them (Siegel). Then there is competitive cheerleading that they put dedication in their routines and performances (Thomas). Varsities are competing like any other sports recruiting like others they are alike (Siegel). “The world of cheering no longer means sideline squads that only exist to support other teams (Brady). The state has recognized cheerleading is an interscholastic sport. Cheerleaders do get their respect, deserved. The activity has blossomed from leading cheers for home to more perfected and complexed moves requiring trained athletes to perform acrobatic achievements. These girls compete and manifest their very best to impress judges to receive the most points as possible hoping they are number one in their division or district. They learn to keep the audiences interested at all

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