Competitive Cheerleading Research Paper

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The more pushups they do, arms get stronger. The more they focus, minds get sharper. The more they stretch, jumps go higher. They sweat, they cry, they work hard. Regardless of what others who don't relate think or not, competitive cheerleading requires more than just a uniform, pom-poms, and smile. It takes hard work, dedication, trust, and skill to be successful at competitive cheerleading. Just as it would for any other competitive sport. However, unlike any other sport, cheerleaders in general need to trust teammates with their lives. When I say this, I mean once the flyer is up in the air, it's up to her bases to keep her up there and bring her down safely without letting her slip through their fingers. In other sports, it's important…show more content…
Competitive cheerleaders can make this happen on a daily basis, all while having fun. They give off the energy and joy like small children on Christmas morning. They show passion, they show excitement, they show love. Despite the difficulties, cheerleaders always find their special spark to give them a boost and do what they are meant to do. Bring spirit and cheer for fellow athletes. The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical activity and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others. There's the argument of whether competitive cheerleading should be considered a sport. Cheerleaders work just as hard as or even harder than any other athlete. People may not believe cheerleading actually requires any strength or hard work, but the fact is cheerleaders train just as hard as football players.“Cheerleaders are just as fit as the athletes they support.”(Sarah Green-Author) Although it may seem like a breeze to be a cheerleader, it takes so much hard work and dedication. Jumping, tumbling, and stunting is what makes competitive cheerleading difficult yet entertaining. However, jumping, tumbling, and stunting are all skills that are gained through lots of

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