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The release of the Apple watch is highly awaited by many as it is a revolutionary product that could forever change the way we perceive watches and their functions. Besides providing consumers with the same things regular watches do like telling the date and time, the apple watch has brought to the scene a fresh and out of the ordinary device that is both unique and quintessentially Apple. The apple watch is being released next month and is a highly anticipated product in the eyes of consumers worldwide. The apple watch collection consists of watches of many different varieties and colours that are unique in their own way. The watches feature highly polished stainless steel and space black stainless steel cases that truly give it a distinct…show more content…
The apple watch is first and foremost an incredibly accurate timepiece that does everything any other watch does, but in a more advanced fashion. This is because tha apple watch continually checks against the definitive global time standard, which meants that the apple watch would automatically adjust if you move from one time zone to another. In terms of time measurements, the apple watch not only has an in-built calender that tells the date and time but also a chronograph that measures time in incredibly precise increments. Besides that, it has an alarm clock, a timer and a stopwatch making the apple watch an incredibly well-rounded timepiece. The apple watch is in essence a device that would make it easier for you to navigate your day. Since its connected to your calendar, maps and reminders; it can send notifications and alerts based on your life and schedule. A simple swipe across the screen would enable you to check your calendar event, the weather, your stocks, a map of your current location and also a map of your next…show more content…
It is a linear actuator inside the watch that produces haptic feedback. In other words, it taps you on the wrist with a tactile sensation whenever you receive an alert or a notification. Another outstanding fact about the apple watch is that the entire computer is architectured on a single bite-sized chip called the Apple S1. Apple have managed to integrate many subsystems into one remarkably compact module. Configuring an entire computer system on a single chip is what most companies struggle to do but somehow the minds of apple have made it happen with the apple

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