Year 11 Business Studies: Business Planning Assessment

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Podol Films Year 11 Business Studies- Business Planning Assessment Task By Jacob Adams Jacob Adams Manager of business Podol Films Contents The Business 3 Business premises 3 Management & ownership 3 Products/services 3 Operations 4 Production process 4 Suppliers 4 Plant and equipment 4 Inventory 4 Technology 4 Communication channels 5 Quality control 5 The Market 6 Market research 6 Sales targets 6 Your customers 6 S.W.O.T. analysis 7 Competitors 8 Advertising & sales 9 The Finances 10 Key objectives & financial review 10 Start-up costs 11 Income Statement (Profit and loss forecast) 12 Expected cash flow 13 Break-even analysis 14 Supporting documentation 15 The Business Business name: Podol Films Business…show more content…
On this website there would be my prices and how to contact me. I will create this myself, so it will cost about $100 all up for photos for the website. My logo will be made by ‘Traj Design’, which will cost $200. I will also make social media pages on all social media, which will be free and useful to get my name out there. Communication channels: Customers will be able to contact me in many ways including, telephone (mobile), my house, email and social media. My phone number, address and email will be found on my website and social media pages. Quality control: When filming it I will take at least a day to film everything, probably more than one day. I will take my time and get nice and clean shots of everything I need. Before I start filming I will write a plan of the shots I will need to get, so I won’t forget anything. Editing the film will take many hours and will be carefully done. While editing I will keep watching over the film to make sure that everything works well together and is amazing. When I think I have done editing I will watch it many times to watch how it flows and make sure it looks…show more content…
analysis Strengths Weaknesses - No renting, a big cost that I don’t have to pay - Quality films for a good price - Have many people that can help me out if I need more cameras. - I don’t need to spend money on suppliers. - I’m unknown and it might be hard for people to know me. To fix this I would advertise a lot. - Lots of equipment to buy, but no rental costs so I have more money. Opportunities Threats - New and better technology will come out which will improve the quality of films. - I could partner with someone that I know. - As the business grows I can expand the organisation. - Competitors become stronger and everyone goes to them. To address this I will make sure that I am always stepping up my game and advertising as much as I can, getting people to write reviews on how good the films have been. Always coming up with new ideas that haven’t been done. Competitors Competitor details Competitor Established date Size Value to customers Strengths Weaknesses Wicked Bee Productions They have been in business for over 10 years. They have a team built of talented filmmakers. They produce very good quality films; they even did the Cedars ad. They have been in the business for a while and are good at what they

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