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People from everywhere around the world have a favorite activity that they enjoy doing to pass the time. This was definitely the case during the Renaissance period. However, majority of the fun and entertainment was experienced solely by the wealthy. The Renaissance started in the 14th century lasting through the 17th century. It started as a cultural explosion after the Dark Ages in Italy and eventually spread across Europe. The word renaissance means “rebirth.” When thinking about the Renaissance many famous people and their achievements come to mind. Some of the greatest artists of all times were a product of the Renaissance. Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and more. Many forms…show more content…
There were many celebrations and festivals during the Renaissance. People from everywhere and of all classes would come together for a day of eating, dancing, and fun. Not much was spared in making these festivals very spectacular. The festivals were both secular and religious in nature. For the secular festivals especially, elaborate masquerades, displays, and processions went along with the festivals. Everything was celebrated during this period; weddings, religious days like the feast for St. John the Baptist and St. James, holidays like Easter and Christmas. Celebrations took place for May Day and Carnival, royal activities like coronations, and the birth of a prince. These festivals could last days at a time. Before the Reformation, the most important annual feast was carnival. It was celebrated over most of central and western Europe. Carnival took place during the last two weeks before Lent. People would enjoy indulging themselves with luxuries, food, and drink that would be soon given up for Lent (:”Festivals”). Another Renaissance festival celebrated during the time was May Day. May Day emphasized the theme of renewal and was a celebration held to insure the success of the crops. During the festival a Queen of the May was chosen, an archery contest was held, plays were performed, people danced, and jesters performed (“Festivals”). These are just a few examples and a very brief description of the festivals of the Renaissance. There were so many celebration as everything was celebrated. Much of these customs, such as Carnival and May Day, were handed down from the centuries before and still participated in

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