The Legend Of Zelda Analysis

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Lesson 4 Let’s play the game! Relative pronouns The following paragraph is the story plot of the famous game “The legend of Zelda.” Fill in the blanks, using which or who. (imagen del video juego o algo parecido) A long, long time ago, the world was in chaos. In the middle of all that chaos, there was a little kingdom _______ was very peaceful in the land of Hyrule. This kingdom possessed the "Triforce", ______ was a golden triangle _______ had mystical powers. One day, a malevolent army attacked the kingdom and stole the Triforce of Power. This army was led by Ganon_______ was the Prince of Darkness. He was also an evil person ______wanted to rule world. Fearing his wicked rule, Zelda_______ was the princess of this kingdom, split up the…show more content…
Meeting a celebrity/ will have a great achievement ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Flying/ feel happy and free to develop their own ideas ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. A baby/ will start a new project in life. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Choose the correct (and most natural-sounding) response to complete each sentence: 1. The girl _________________ wrote this poem is still in high school. a) whose b) who c) where 2. The man _________________ we saw yesterday is my neighbor. a) that b) where c) whom 3. The people _________________ live across the street are from Portugal. a) who b) whose c) where 4. The wallet ________________ was found, belongs to a student. a) who b) which c) where 5. The highway____________ my father chose was terrible. a) who b) which c) where Let’s make a riddle! Use relative pronouns to describe an animal you like. Don’t write the animal’s name. Then, share it to see how well your riddle…show more content…
You can write in it or only read the stories in it. 1. A ________is a person _____ helps you when you are sick. He works in a hospital. 2. A _________ is a drink _____ many people drink in the morning. You can buy the drink at Starbucks or Detour. 3. __________ is a sport _______ is played all over the world. The best players play in the World Cup. 4. A ___________ is a machine _______ you use to talk to someone. You have it in your home and it makes a noise when someone wants to talk to you. 5. A _______ is a person _______lives beside you. Sometimes they are noisy. Sometimes they are crazy. 6. A __________ is a day _______ happens once a year. It is special and you can get presents and cake. 7. _________ is a country ________ is very big. It is popular for winter sports like ice hockey and skiing. The biggest city is Toronto. 8. A _________ is something that is in the sky. When there are many of them you can’t see the sun. 9. An ________ is something _______ is small and white. Inside it is yellow. When you cook it, it is delicious. 10. A ________ is a person ________ teaches you things. He or she works in a school. Join the next sentences with the help of relative

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