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Laila Collins Paul Taylor HR Services 26 March 2015 Assessment Task 1: HR Strategy Apple inc previously known as Apple computer inc is a large multinational corporation that has created industry changing software, computers, phones, tablets and watches. They are mostly well know for creating and selling the iPhone, Machintos computer range, iPad, iTunes and mostly the iPod. Apple Computer inc was created in 1976 by it founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in California. APPLE strives on constantly re-imaging the future, with them just releasing on the new Apple watch early this year which is supposed to help expand in new area such as the ‘mobile wallet’ which replaces swiping cards with just a tap of the apple watch to the cash register…show more content…
There are many award(s) relevant to apple inc but a few main include - General retail industry award 2010, Manufacturing and associated industries and occupations awards 2010 and Market and social research award 2010. Apple has many key areas of focus for the HR strategy and the main key focus areas are Recruiting - Apple go through the recruiting strategy very different to other huge companies. They look and expect all staff to be hard workers, committed to apple both in and out of the workforce and also want employees who will be precise with every detail. Training - Again apple go through the training and development stages different to any other company. Instead of providing programs which help train and develop its employees they rely on self-reliant and want them to develop their skill on their own. Incentives - Apple employees will get stock grants for their hard work if they could contribute something big to tje company. They call it an ‘oppourtunie for…show more content…
Apple strives on building a better future for all and they use 10 future requirements for the workforce- Employees will need to understand and know how to create new worlds They will need to think holistically They will often be changing themselves mentally and physically to respond to challehes. They will turn information into matter and matter into base information on the fly They have to be able o work without direct leadership in tight and temporary organisations that will act independently Those seeking long term secure employment will find it in employee owned and operated

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