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Paul Rodriguez . He Was Born On December 31, 1984 and is currently 29 years old, His Birthplace was Tarzana, Los Angeles CA. He was recognized as a prodigy at the young age of 14, and became professional at age 16 and started skating at the age of 11 and got his nickname ‘ p-rod ‘ at that age too. His dads name was Also Paul Rodriguez he was a famous comedian, and His mom Was Laura Martinez. Paul Is Professional street skateboarder and actor. His Height is 5’9 Paul Rodriguez Sponsors Nike SB, Venture, Andale Bearings, Grizzly Griptape, and Primitive, diamond, . and He has a Pet Chihuahua Named Uma. He was one of the few skateboarders to be endorsed as an official nike athlete, as well as the first Mexican American Some good things about Paul is that In 2002 for his part in Transworld’s video production “ In Bloom” He turned pro after that year, And He also likes boxing and golfing at his spare time. He can also ride his board very smooth and he rarely falls, he can do about every single skateboarding trick in the book, many skateboarders look up to him There really isnt a lot of bad things about Paul Except that he didn’t go to college. Paul never went to college but is still successful in life, he…show more content…
Paul became a Professional skateboarder at the age of 16. His dad bought him his first skateboard at age 14 at the cost of $30. Paul has won a total of Six medals in the X-Games, Four of them are gold. DNA skateboards was Paul’s very first sponsor though, Paul was in the movie Street Dreams, The Motivation and Others, But they’re Documentaries about skating. The things he likes to skate more than anything is Ledges, rails, and stair. Paul also Made his own skateboard called Primitive, which is a really good skateboard. When he first started selling them he said that he had already sold more than 40 skateboards in 1 minute. In November of 2013 Paul Was a Millionaire and resided in Northridge

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