Essay Compare And Contrast The Sociological Perspectives In Health And Social Care

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In this assignment, two sociological theories/perspectives functionalist and Marxist, will be examined which will help to understand Ms K’s situation, a lady who has no job and in receipt of benefit. She is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and receives visit from the community psychiatrist nurse consultant psychiatrist. Her first child was taken away by social services after concerns were raised regarding neglect. Ms k is now six months pregnant and wants to keep the baby. These two theories will also show how they can inform social work practice and will also demonstrate an understanding of anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice. Sociology is the study of human societies. This study attempts to explain and understand the behaviour of human beings in society, especially groups within these societies and how these…show more content…
Therefore, her role of socialising the new member of the family was not fulfilled which may lead to disorganising the system because the child may not be able to learn the norms and rules required in society. Thus by social services taking the child away for adoption is a way to try to balance the equilibrium as the child may find a family that will offer good socialisation which will contribute to the smooth running of society. Talcott Parson further contributed to the functionalist perspective by viewing the sociology of health and illness. As he was determined to clearly show that functionalist presented a proper theory of society, by putting emphasis on institution maintaining their defined roles and role expectation in order to maintain societal stability, he argued that when a person falls ill then they are unable to carry out their social roles normally. From this point of view, he stated that illness is sociologically best understood by viewing it as a form of deviance (Llewellyn et al,

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