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Xerxes is one of the most famous kings to ever rule Persia. He attempted to conquered many countries to make the Persian empire strong. Xerxes was born on 518 B.C. and was known to have a bad temper. Xerxes was not a very good leader during his reign as the Persian king due to his rage and impatience. Xerxes wasn't always the king of Persia. Xerxes early life wasn’t a very hard one as he was treated better than his other brothers, Xerxes was born on 518 B.C. , son of Darius and Atossa (Xerxes). Xerxes was the eldest of the four sons of Atossa (Xerxes). His life changed drastically after the death of his father. After Darius’s death in November of 486 B.C. Xerxes took his place as king. He was 32 (Xerxes). Xerxes was one of the youngest Persian kings for he was 32 years of age (Xerxes).…show more content…
Overall Xerxes early life wasnt very hard on him as a child or a king. The most memorable war that Xerxes was ever in were the Persian Wars. Xerxes wanted to invade Greece because his father wasn't able to before he died. Xerxes's father's last wish was for him to invade and conquer Greece (Persian Wars 116) Xerxes was encouraged by both Demaratos, an exiled spartan king, and by Hippias, an exiled Athenian tyrant (Xerxes). Xerxes led a massive army to Greece in the hopes to succeed in his father's last wish. It was said that Xerxes “marched his army over the sea” and “sailed his fleet through the land” (Persian Wars 116). The Persian fighting men totaled to 2,317,610 and they “shook the ground” when they marched (Xerxes) Xerxes had a lot of family members in his army. Xerxes brothers and half-brothers served as generals and officers in the army

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