To Kill A Mockingbird Gender Inequality Analysis

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BODY Scouts encounter with gender inequality Scouts first real direct encounter with sexism was during on of the summer holidays where Dill, Jem and Scout where about to go to the Radley’s home. Jem insults Scout, as the young girl was fearful of what might happen to them as they believed Boo Radley was a bad man. "Scout, I'm tellin' you for the last time, shut your trap or go home—I declare to the Lord you're gettin' more like a girl every day!" With that, I had no option but to join them. (page 69; To Kill a Mockingbird). Right from when Scout was a little girl her bother influenced her to believe that the female/girl word/being has a negative notion, this caused Scout to assume that being or acting like a girl is bad “I was not sure,…show more content…
Showing us that to avoid the negative, worthless being she opted to act like a boy; Jem who was born in a society that favoured men over women directly influenced Scout to deny her identity, and feel disgusted with herself as he also says “I swear scout, sometimes you act so much like a girl its mortifyin’.”Jem page 50’ To Kill a Mockingbird.). By using the word ‘mortifying’ which is typically used to cause someone to feel very embarrassed and ashamed of themselves, which in itself is a terrible thing to say, but in this context it is horrendous as Jem is telling Scout that her very being is humiliation to the world that her identity is an abomination according to society in the 1950s. The quoit “women are a sin by definition” (page 59; To Kill a Mockingbird) further enforces my idea/ claim of society belittling women, by likening them to the word ‘sin’ as if they should have never existed because it is a crime for them to live as they are wicked, evil, the impact of saying these vile words to Scout; transforms Scouts’s impressions of herself and womanhood for the

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