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History is like a book, each second fills up a new blank page with adventures, discoveries, and battles of the world; these battles that are added to the story are led and won by great leaders such as Hannibal Barca. Hannibal Barca was born in Carthage, which is now present-day Tunisia. He was born in 247 BC, and born into the Carthaginian nationality. Hannibal’s occupation was a general in the Carthaginian military. When Hannibal was nine years of age he begged his father to allow him to accompany the army to Spain, on a campaign. Hannibal’s father agreed to taking his to Spain as long as he solemnly sweared to forever (eternal) hatred of Rome. He won his first battles as a young child while under command of his fathers son-in-law. As Hannibals grew the more devoted he became towards war with Rome.…show more content…
Making New Carthage his headquarters, Hannibal was able to make Carthaginian power physically stronger within Spain. He completed this task successfully by attacking and defeating the Orcades. To the older soldiers he had similar features to his father such as his penetrating eyes and lively expression. As well the younger soldiers were won over by his bravery, endurance, simplicity in life, and willingness to share all hardships with his troops. Hannibal needed to gain ties with Spain, and to do so he married a Spanish princess. This was in order for Spain to no longer be under complete Roman control.Hannibal’s life consisted of many battles such as The Punic Wars, of which many he won. Sadly his life ended in 183 BC due to him poisoning himself because he knew that he would be captured or put to shame by the major lost to

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