Exploring The Cause Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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It is a popular epic of Greek. Story is all about exploitation of the Greek hero known Odysseus; he is the king of Ithaca. His voyage after Trojan War, he was able to go home together with his men by the use of shift. But his voyage is all about adventure and trouble, a journey for suffering and hardship of himself. Behind those obstacles Odysseus still skillful to overcome those trials cause by Poseidon. It took ten years before he got home but before that Odysseus was captured by Calypso for seven years and he is an old one before he got home. By his voyage he experience anger curse betrayal by Poseidon because Odysseus blind the son of Poseidon which is Polyphemus a Cyclops. Hermes is the one who talk to Calypso to let go of Odysseus, Athena is responsible for transforming of Odysseus into beggar in order for not recognizing him as the king Ithaca. Penelope a wife of Odysseus has many suitor that time but still her heart wants only one person which is her husband Odysseus and Telemachous conduct a kind of assembly like Athena suggested but soon Odysseus was recognized of his wife with the help of his son Telemachous, that’s why Odysseus became a king of Ithaca as the goddess plan for him.…show more content…
All characters has an extensive personality especially Odysseus, behind those hardship he maintain his patient and intelligent to survive. Odysseus emphasizes his character of heroism we all notice that Odysseus had a faith to survive the obstacles given by God. In his voyage, tried and heroism comes out and strengthened by him. Through this the faith as need of Gods eventually he realized that no matter how great and honor he is stills a man nothing but a man only who can play the game of God. Penelope is a kind of wife that is faithful to her husband. Years without Odysseus are hard for her but she still manages herself to be one

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