Animal Persuasive Speech

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Animal overpopulation of companion animals has been a huge issue in the US for a long time. I didn’t realize how big of an issue this was until about age 11 when I noticed how bad they get treated when they are not taken care of. I am so excited to tell people how they can solve this problem. I have helped with this issue in many ways. I have 2 kittens that we saved on the highway, a momma kitty who had her 2 babies under our house, 1 cat that was roaming our neighborhood and 1 cat from a drive through. I still have them now and will never leave them behind, we also made sure to have them all spayed or neutered along with some others that we were able to capture and release. This is not enough, we need more people to do this! I would like to…show more content…
Today the term euthanasia is used to give reason to the murders of innocent animals all over the world. Animals should only be put down by euthanasia if they are in pain or suffering. Unfortunately most dogs that are euthanized over the course of the year are not aggressive or suffering from any disease (The Humane Society of the United States). Most of the animals are euthanized due to overpopulation in animal shelters. Euthanasia is a cruel and unnecessary practice that is not in the best interest for the animal. There are many different types of euthanasia animal shelters use to put down animals. The most popular type of euthanasia is called intravenous injection, which is a poison containing sodium pentobarbital. This poison is injected in the heart or leg without any pain killers. The animal is put to sleep and in some cases, they wake up when they feel the pain and start to struggle and fight the vet. More than one injection may be needed based on the weight of the animal. This process is also used for animals that are euthanized due to disease or injures. Another process is called the gas chamber. The animal is put into these gas chambers and “will usually scream and cry until they fall asleep.” Carbon dioxide is sent out and the animal will die in about twenty minutes. Many animal shelters believe this is an inhumane way of killing the animals and are against it. But there are still animal shelters in the United States that still use this
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