Why Did The Bolsheviks Lead To The Revolution

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The Bolsheviks were a group of radical people who supported the revolution. They were led by V. I. Lenin and they were willing to sacrifice anything and everything for some change to the world. As time went on, they started to gain control over more and more territories. They took over the provisional government by arresting the leaders with their own Bolshevik Red Guards. A major threat to the group was nationalism, they saw it as a threat to unify the people into loyalty. In order to keep this problem in check, Lenin created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR. After this was created they changed their name to the Communist Party because of one main reason. They were inspired by Karl Marx, who was the leader of communism. He described it as a classless…show more content…
That is not who became the leader at all. It ended up being Joseph Stalin, the most ruthless man. He was a nobody so everyone was surprised when they found out that he would take Lenin’s spot. The reason the Bolsheviks renamed their group was because of the impact Marx had on them. He inspired them by his beliefs and it made them want to change. The Tsars autocratic policies led to social unrest for a couple of reasons. The tsar at the time was Alexander III and he was a very harsh ruler. He made strict codes on certain materials such as written documents and letters. One thing that he did was made his secret police keep track on the schools and universities. The teachers at those schools were supposed to send reports on each and every student. The prisoners were sent to Siberia. Alexander wanted to create a uniform culture in Russia so he got other national groups together. What he did was made Russia's language Russian and every other language was not to be used in schools. An example of the language that wasn't allowed in school was polish. The tsar targeted the Jews which led to violent outbreaks against

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