Animal Advertisement Analysis

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Abstract Objective: Fundamental aim of this paper is to explain techniques of persuasion used in advertisement in which animals are depicted in a lead role, whereas the animals are no way related to products or services provided by the company. Approach: The techniques are recognized with the help of methodical review of different articles on advertisement, persuasion techniques and Anthropomorphism perception, linking and brand recall ability. These articles were identified from different electronic databases .The study work done is based on the handful of papers that have been carefully chosen out of suitability. Findings: Animal in advertisement is growing concept in the today’s media-blitzed era. Persuasion plays an important role in attracting…show more content…
The model proposes that the culturally constituted world is composed of a variety of entities that can be given a symbolic meaning. These symbols and their meanings are linked to products and then communicated by the media to the consumer. This analysis is useful for better understanding of animal cues in advertisement and its effect on buying behavior. Originality/value – Attempt has been made to develop a model that displays how emotional appeal plays a major role in advertisement with animal cue, and how it changes the viewer’s attitude with the cognitive process in watchers…show more content…
The questions are as follows 1. Why animals used in advertisements for product /services not related to them. 2. Does use of animal in advertisement is effective or not? 3. Is customer more persuadable? Though the animals used in advertising products /services are not related to animal. 4. Does the advertisement persuade the buying behavior of customer too? In hypothesizing these problems into an exploration structure, it looked that many theory of persuasion would provide the most relevant and meaningful theoretical perspective about art of persuasion in advertisement. If we contemplate clearly, in most of the aspects of our life, we are persuaded by some or the other mean—relational, social, political, and economical. Therefore, we believe that how animals can also be used in advertisement to communicate messages to customer and these practices are essential for breathing in today’s advertising and media-blitzed society. Persuasion Definiton: Persuasion is typically defined as “human communication that is designed to influence others by modifying their beliefs, values, or attitudes” (Simons, 1976, p. 21). O’Keefe (1990) argued that there are requirements for the sender, the means, and the recipient to consider something

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