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SVegan is a vegetarian and vegan bistro in the Old Town of Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. This healthy bistro offers you a wide range of cold and hot drinks, snacks, and freshly cooked food with interesting twists. Located in the heart of vegan- friendly and beautiful city of Malmö, SVegan is a perfect place to come and enjoy a healthy meal. The bistro's team promises you a unique experience. Introduction Nowadays vegetarianism is a growing culture and there is a growing demand for healthier and vegetarian meals. A recent study in Sweden found one in ten Swedes are now vegan or vegetarian, with 17 percent of 17-34 years old describing themselves as either vegetarian or vegan. While vegans are more strict with their diet and do…show more content…
It's unique because there are no vegetarian eateries in this area of Malmö. We will try to accommodate all of our customer's needs by offering alternatives for people who are gluten-free and vegans. SVegan will use different marketing strategies to reach out to its customers. For instance, the bistro will be using competitive pricing strategy, to price their food on the menu. Since SVegan can not set the prices below the competition's prices because then it would not make any profit. On the other hand, this vegan bistro does not want to set the prices too high because then the customers will prefer to go to the other vegan restaurants around Malmö. So, in this case, competitive pricing strategy is the best strategy for this bistro, meaning there will be sales, coupons and discounts throughout the year to complete with similar restaurants. The other marketing strategy is social marketing, by having an official web-site of the bistro and using Facebook, Instagram, Maps. SVegan also hopes to bring sales up by introducing its loyalty card for drinks and having a grand opening with free miniature samples from the menu. My potential customers are vegans, vegetarians, healthy food eating people, young people, old rich people, and dieting women, who are health concerne. Since the population of Sweden is switching their eating habits to the vegetarian, it is very beneficiary for vegetarian and vegan bistro business. Another key factor is all meals from SVegan's menu are seasonal and

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