A Rhetorical Analysis On A Bear

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Advertisements are the great source to convey the message regarding anything. I always wonder how can pictures or a video convey message to the whole community, then I came across this picture stating, “ every second counts”. It was designed for the public awareness regarding wildlife preservation. Public awareness advertisement carries a lot of rhetoric to develop the awareness of the public. When trying to get the attention of the public about environmental issues, one must be very careful. It is one of those topics that many people feel are just “annoying”. Usually the advertisements basically accuse everyone of killing the Earth. The graphic appeals greatly to the audience because of the emotion it portrays. The pain on the bears face…show more content…
A bear is known for strength and power. It is almost thought to dominate the woods, so when such an animal is suffering it leads the audience to believe the source must be a large problem. It shows them how much power they have to negatively effect the environment. The power of human impact is also shown by the way the bear tries to fight its death. Its strength is displayed on the clock near the number 10. There are what appears to be claw marks, showing that even the bear’s frightful, sharp, strong claws can’t even stop the force. Also to see such a familiar and prevalent animal being terminated makes the situation more serious. If it was an animal that was already quite rare, people might think less of the advertisement but because it is a common bear it gains more…show more content…
The sharpness of it gives the audience a feeling that it is worth. The shading and sharp lines give this advertisement a feeling of truth. A clock is a constant in everyone’s life. Time is something that is not questionable and a known fact so to use that as the basis of an advertisement makes it feel more realistic. The fact (“every 60 seconds a species dies out”) stated in all capital letters was also a use of logos. When a fact is given like that, especially with a familiar unit of measurement, it grabs attention. The company name in the upper corner of the advertisement under the fact gives the fact authority along with the advertisement itself.This helps support the advertisement because they are knowledgeable in the category of this ad. This advertisement is a good use of rhetoric because it appeals to many audiences. Everyone is familiar with a clock and everyone has seen a brown bear and its power before, whether it was in their backyard or on the television. It is also easy for anyone to understand the ad because they are given the fact they need in the upper left hand

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