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In the late 19th and early 20th century a series of events lead to the creation of what we now call the Food and Drug Administration. With the shared criticism as its citizens the U.S. created the Food and Drug Administration benefiting U.S. citizen through the early 20th century and continues to protect its citizens in present day. The Food and Drug Administration is the oldest user based protection agency in the U. S. government. It can be traced to 1848, carrying chemical studies on agricultural products. However, the FDA was not known by its modern name until the year 1930, with the passing of the Pure Food and Drugs Act in 1906. The westward expansion and everything that came with it such as but not limited to a severe incline of capitalism…show more content…
At the time, it was not uncommon to walk the streets and end up on the corner of a vendor conning citizens into purchasing the “magical” elixirs that will not only treat present symptoms but cure the ailment. Many of these vendors claimed their products treated anything from the common cold to malaria to tuberculosis and everything in between. “These medicines were very popular, even though many of them were laced with ample doses of alcohol, morphine, opium, or cocaine and were advertised for babies and children, sometimes ending in tragic results. With no regulation on their often questionable ingredients, concerns began to grow about these medicines” . The passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act strictly regulated misbranded or otherwise misleading advertisements pertaining to labeled drugs. Manufactures would be forced to label the purpose of the drug, its ingredients, and any potential addictive additives. “The war on disease, and on the poverty and misery accompanying disease, had won impressive victories. Not only this. The strategy of new public health campaigns had been laid out and the ideas for achievements hitherto beyond the sweep of imagination had been formulated.” The FDA is the oldest consumer protection agency created by the United States government. However, the name FDA wasn’t common up until the mid-1930; it was formally known as branch of chemical analysis for the Department of Agriculture in the 1860’s. When the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed the FDA started to mold itself into what is

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