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Zulfikar Ghose was born on 13 March 1935, in Sialkot, which is now a part of Punjab in Pakistan. His family moved to Bombay in 1942 and ten years later immigrated to England. Graduating from the University of Keele, UK, in 1959, he worked as a freelance journalist in London for The Observer and for The TLS, The Spectator and NewStatesman. Hewrote novels likeThe Contradictions (1966), The Murder of Aziz Khan followed (1967), The Incredible Brazilian trilogy, comprising the novels The Native (1972), The Beautiful Empire (1975) and A Different World (1978). His other novels include Crump’s Terms (1975), Hulme’s Investigations into the Bogart Script (1981), Don Bueno (1983), Figures of Enchantment (1986) and The Triple Mirror of the Self (1992).…show more content…
Qasim belongs to isolated hill but he leaves it and makes a home for the two of them in the sparkling city of Lahore. As the years pass Qasim settles in Lahore but grows increasingly melancholic about his life in the mountains. One day one of his tribesmen comes and Qasim offers his daughter in marriage and when Mirriam tries to make him understand that she (Zaitoon)can’t acclimatize herself to the tribal culture and code, he does not listen. Zaitoon has a vague recollection of an unpleasant dream on the first night in the hill. She cries in a frightened mood.After marriage she does not lead a happy marital life. Unable to bear the torture physical as well as psychological Zaitoon decides to flee from this place. Empty stomach, she tries to emancipate herself fromthe clutches of brutal and savage code. On a way Mushtaq finds her half-dead and half-alive and takes her to hiscamp. He persuades Sakhi and his clansmen that Zaitoon is dead and saves Zaitoon…show more content…
The story presents three generations of a family; Dadi, her children and grand children. The overzealous matriarch, Dadi, tries to select a match for her grandchildren through the tradition of arrange marriage. Haroon, the obedient elder brother first goes through the process of arrange marriage then he finally proposes to a co-worker. Even this slight deviation from tradition upsets Dadi but she accepts it. The real trouble begins with Zeba, who not only dares to stay unmarried until the alarming age of 25 but select a match for herself against the wishes of her

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