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I. Introduction As we may know, marketing is a study to prepare a movement to increase your gross profit. To prove that we understand about principle of marketing, now we did a marketing research. The marketing research we did is around riverside area and my group decide to pick Warung Sunda as the company that we will use as a research object. Warung Sunda is a food stall that sell Sundanesse’s food and Mr. Sandi is the one who build this company. This company is categorize as family business because all of the employee is the member of his family itself. There is Mrs. Juliha, she is Mr. Sandi wife. They have 3 children. Mrs. Siti Sabilah is the first child who already married, but she still work on Warung Sunda to help her parent. Three…show more content…
The general public of this company is university students and workers around riverside area because most of customer come from that society and customer means the source of gross profit. . III. Macro Environment Macro environment is an unpredictable condition that we can’t control and it impact your marketing strategy. Economic Situation The minum wage in Bekasi is about Rp. 2.840.000,00. Based on our survey, we can conclude that most of university student around riverside has income around Rp. 500.000,000 – Rp. 1.500.000,00. Technology Technology that Warung Sunda used is only phone, stove, and blender. Political & Social Based on the interview the company only pay Rp. 5.000,00 for the security and cleaning. Actually there are some rules and regulation from government Indonesia about food, which are : - Act Number 12 of 1992 concerning Cultivation of Plants - Act Number 16 of 1992 concerning Animal, Fish, & Plant Quarantine - Act Number 23 of 1992 concerning Health - Act Number 9 of 1995 concerning Small Business - Act Number 20 of 1997 concerning Non - Tax Government Revenue - Act Number 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer…show more content…
Undifferentiated marketing is the one without any marketing segmentation. Concentrated Marketing is one company, but has one or more market segmentation. Differentiated Marketing is the one who really targeted in some market segmentation. Last Micromarketing is the one who really specific, they didn’t do any segmentation and just create based on taste of individual. Differentiation and Positioning To university students and workers around riverside believes that Warung Sunda provide foods with good taste and low price. VI. Conclusion& Recommendation So, based on our marketing research we can conclude that Warung Sunda is a small company that belongs to Mr. Sandi and his wife Mrs. Juliha. Even if this company just a small company, but Mr. Sandi and his wife is still make the quality and price as the first priority. That was good plan to keep their customer, but they can get more profit if they try to do some promotion and delivery order trough simple social media. For example : Line, BBM, etc. because many of their customer target using that social media and it will easier to the customer to get their

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