Why Was The Assassination Of Gandhi Unjust

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The assignation of Gandhi was unjust because Gandhi was trying to bring peace between the Hindus and Muslims, but was killed by Nathuram Godse a Hindu extremist; however, others may argue that the Hindus and Muslims fighting was right. “As part of his non-violent non-cooperation campaign for home rules Gandhi stressed the importance of economic independence for India.”(History.com staff. “Mohandas Gandhi” History.com, A+E Networks, 2010 para.6). Gandhi began his activism as an Indian Immigrant in South Africa then became a leading figure in India’s struggle to gain independence from Great Britain. The British, the congress party, and the Muslim league began negotiations over Indian home rule. Then Britain gave India its independence but split the country into: India and Pakistan. Gandhi was hoping that after independence Hindus and Muslims would make peace internally, but massive riots broke out so Gandhi went on hunger strike/fast until they…show more content…
So, Nathuram killed Gandhi according to Lydia Smith from International Business Times because “He believed Gandhi was giving into Muslim interest, which he deemed anti-national.” Godse thought that the people were too influenced by Gandhi’s non-violent approach so they resorted to “weaker methods”. He also thought that Gandhi fast were insufficient. These reasons that Gandhi was killed are just very upsetting because all Gandhi was trying to do was bring peace and stop violence between people and religions but ended getting caught in the “crossfire”. He wanted to find different ways to solve conflict without using violence and ended up getting killed because that person didn’t agree with Gandhi and thought he was a

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