How Did White Settlers Change During The 1820s

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Before the election of Thomas Jefferson as President, the country was on the way to becoming ruled by a land-oriented aristocracy. In that kind of government, the unlanded and poor white settlers would have little to no voice in government which is exactly the opposite of what the founding fathers claimed that they fought for in the Revolutionary War. Even after Jefferson became head executive, those who either didn't pay taxes or didn't posess land were largely excluded from the right to vote. This all changed during the 1820s onward as first some of the newly admitted western states allowed all white settlers to vote with the eastern states being pressured to follow suit soon after. Largely as a result in this new change in suffrage, the…show more content…
Many white settlers quickly moved into these newly available areas for new farms and plantation owners also moved in there for the rich soil. The remaining natives were forced to sign treaties giving up all rights to their traditional homelands and were transported west of the Mississippi. While the new settlers were moving in, they had paper money printed in order to pay for goods and tools required for their farmland and homes. Few of these new travelers had any way of paying off their loans to the banks, which caused their mortgages to to default and many of the state banks closed in the panic of 1819. There was a six year depression afterwards and many blamed these financial woes on the second national bank (Brinkley…show more content…
Calhoun and some of the other southern democrats believed that a state could choose to say that a law passed by the federal government was unconstitutional and not enforce the law. Nullification was the counter to the tarriff of 1828 that was passed right before Andrew Jackson became president. The state of South Carolina was so admamant about not following the tarriff that they threatened to secceed from the Union. They quickly backed down after Jackson strengthened and reinforced military bases in the state and the threat of a retaliatory invasion. Jackson's ther major policies were much less divsive. The indian removal act had the majority of the remaining indian tribes move west of the Mississippi to reservations away from white settlement. He brought the spoils system to the White House and set the precident for following presidents on how to pick their top advisors. He was also successful in preventing the renewal of the charter for the second bank of the united states which he called a monster. That helped the country be completely out of debt for the one and only time during its

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