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Eli Cole Albert Gritten History 106 18 November 2015 The Life and Presidency of Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was one of the most influential and important U.S. Presidents to ever be elected. During his presidency, Jackson avoided possible civil war, was the only president to completely eliminate the national debt, and was the forefather of the modern Democratic Party. However, not all of his accomplishments were for the benefit of the country and all of its inhabitants. Although Jackson did accomplish some amazing things during his life and presidency, he was also the lead advocate for Indian removal, which led to the Trail of Tears. The Indian removal policy and how he enforced it definitely became a black spot on Jackson’s…show more content…
A lot of how the country works today is because of Jackson's legacy as a president. During his time as commander and chief, he founded the two-party system by raising enough controversy to force people to create another party, the Whigs. This was one of the first times there were two totally separate political parties, and the two-party system is existent today. He also held the congress in his control for the most part. During his presidency, only one major law was passed. This law was of course the Indian Removal Act, and was obviously in Jackson's definite favor. He kept this kind of power by vetoing twelve bills, which was more vetoes than all of the previous president's vetoes put together. He had this kind of political power because he ordered things instead of asking for things. Many presidents before him had been in favor of relocating the Indians. The reason that nobody did anything about it was because of all of the legal issues, and previous treaties with the Indians. Jackson however, didn’t bother with the legal problems, and instead just took control…show more content…
With the south ready to secede, if he would have responded in just about any other way, then the south would more than likely have seceded. Andrew Jackson was definitely a general at heart, and he ran the US as if it were his platoon. He has been criticized as being an "American Caesar," and during his presidency was even known as "King Jackson." He was definitely one of the most, if not the most powerful, and respected leaders the nation has ever had. According to the Millcenter, one of the University of Virginia's websites, "to admirers he stands as a shining symbol of American accomplishment, the ultimate individualist and democrat. To detractors he appears an incipient tyrant, the closest we have yet come to an American Ceasar" (millcenter). ` In conclusion Jackson was a very influential leader, and even though he was at the front of things like Trail of Tears, he was a very respected leader. I believe that today his legacy is a positive one, and that he has set the precedent for future presidents and politicians yet to come. Cole 6 Works

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