Andrew Jackson Accomplishments

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Ryder 1 Clayton Ryder Mr. Allen Blue Four 23 Jan 18 Andrew Jackson: Orphan to President Although the presidency of Andrew Jackson could be described as cynical and selfish due to actions against Native Americans and anti-slavery movements, Jackson accomplished many important milestones during his time in office and helped resolve the Nullification Crisis in South Carolina . Over the course of his eight years as president, but not limited to, Jackson helped redefine the Democratic Party, strived to create a better government for the common man, resolve the nullification crisis in South Carolina, removed the National Bank of the United States, and lead the relocation of Native Americans. Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767 to Andrew…show more content…
Right before he took office, his friend and Secretary of War, John Eaton, married the controversial Margaret Timberlake. Many superior people in Washington disliked her for past. Jackson defended his friend, which was known as the Eaton Affair and caused his cabinet members to turn on him, but Jackson fired them all in 1831, excluding the Postmaster General. As mentioned before, the Indian Removal Act of 1831 caused great controversy between opposing groups and Congress, but the votes prevailed. The…show more content…
Due to his high tempe as well, the issue with France and the indemnities that they had failed to pay almost caused a war to preserve American honor. Near his final days of his presidency, the first assassination attempt on a current U.S. president happened and was drawn out by Richard Lawrence, who was an American house painter. He attempted to shoot Jackson but his attempt failed. Jackson was always for the common man, and despite his controversial actions, his goal of his presidency was to remove the corruptness of the government and make the system more democratic. Jackson was a man of the people, and although may be viewed as one of the most controversial presidents of all time, the people stood with him as he had one of the deepest marks on the presidency. Andrew Jackson was anything but a normal president. From fighting in the Revolutionary War with his brothers underage, to being an orphan, to getting into law and then later politics,

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