Ghost Festival Essay

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Name Elena My Name Cary Ann Vincent Class Applied English 132 12 June 2015 Research Project General Topic: Culture Restricted: Western and Chinese More Restricted: Traditional festival Topic Chosen: I am more interested in the culture of traditional festival and know a little about the difference about the festival of Western and Chinese, and I find it has pretty charm. On the other hand, I want to make use of this opportunity to know more about the western culture and history to expand my view. Outline I. Introduction II. Differences between Chinese and Western Traditional Festivals 2. 2 Ghost Festival VS Halloween 2.2.2 summary III. Major factors causing differences between Chinese and Western traditional festivals…show more content…
At that time,people believed in this day the dead will return to house to look for the living creatures and take regeneration.And this is the only hope for the dead to gain regeneration.But the alive people are afraid that the dead would take their lives.,so they extinguished fire and candles to stop ghosts look for the living.And they also dressed up as demons to scared the ghosts away.As the passage of the time,the meaning of Halloween gradually have some changes and be positive and happy.Now,Hallow is a good time for children fun,in child’s eyes,it’s a festival full of mystery.A group of children dressed as ghosts and goblins portable “Jack light”ran to neighbor’s house,and said as a threat:”Trick or

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