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We have all heard the expression, “Expect the unexpected”. Life throws unforeseen curve balls that sometimes we may or may not be prepared for. Life is full of surprises. Unfortunately, in Randy Pausch’s case, life threw at him the ultimate curve ball - cancer. However, instead of running away from his problem or giving up, he decided to accept and embrace it. His dedication not only inspired myself, but many other people as well. Applying several techniques in his speech, Pausch was able to capture the attention of his audience and successfully motivate his viewers. He used many examples, some personal and some not, and incorporated humor into a not so humorous situation. In his speech, Pausch delivered a few practical yet effective tips on how to live life. Never complaining and maintaining a positive attitude is one important piece of advice I found helpful from Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture”. (Pausch n.pg.)…show more content…
Sometimes we do it without even realizing it. A few reasons people complain are to express their feelings of pain, resentment, or dissatisfaction in their lives. It is true there are advantages to complaining, such as relieving built up stress, but there are many more disadvantages. Complaining not only fosters a negative attitude, but also looks very unattractive. Having this pessimistic view on current circumstances affects other people around by directing them towards the negativity. Plus what good does it serve to complain about a problem and not take action to solve it? A quote from the famous Proverb says, “Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” This quote basically means that instead of focusing on the negatives, or the prickly thorns, focus on the positives, or the marvelous roses. Even though Pausch had a problem most people would excuse a negative response to, he chose to look at the positive side of his situation. Ironic how a man who was dying talked about

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