A Modest Proposal Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis Rough Draft A Modest Proposal was written in the late 1720s; Farmers in Ireland had trouble paying the rents demanded by their English landlords. Ireland fell deeply into a trade deficit, where they were importing more than what they were exporting. Jonathan Swift is outraged at the fact that Catholics are looked down upon heavily during this time; Catholics could not serve in public office nor could they vote, buy land, Attend trinity college (which was the main college in the area), also they could not serve in the military therefore Swift felt as if someone was to blame for all of these issues. Swift, through the narrator pretends to be an economist planner, who suggests some unorthodox solutions to the problems, hoping that the people will either go back to the…show more content…
He also associates with an “eminent French physician,” (54) whose name is unknown to the audience maybe, because of the fact that the French and English do not get along, but the physician has given the narrator an estimate on when babies are born and how the people may have to eat a fish diet to make it through some months. The narrator also makes the mistake of connecting with an idea about when children are the tastiest through a man he calls a friend, and “A very worthy person, a true lover of his country” (55). The idea was first proposed by Psalmanazar, who claimed to be the first Formosan to visit Europe. He convinced many in Britain, but was later revealed to be an impostor, He is historically linked with being a fraud. So the narrator is linking up with all of these people, who really shows the audience what the narrator is; an untrustworthy person, thus diminishing the narrator’s credibility of his preposterous cheap and easy

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