Poverty Can Affect A Child's Growing Brain

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Many people have their own definition of education. Briefly, education is the process of learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge. With education, you have the ability to form your own opinions, make your own decisions, and solve your own problems. In other words, you can never be too educated! In today’s society, education is one of the key essentials to living a successful life. Some people, however, are not able to receive true education due to various reasons; one of the major reasons being poverty. What most people don’t notice is poverty infiltrates more profound in the body, mind, and spirit. A parent’s low-income most of the time interferes with a child’s ability to learn in the classroom environment because of the negative impacts…show more content…
Healthy, sturdy connections help balance out a kid's conduct and give the core edification expected in everyday circumstances. Parents with low-income frequently fail to form these types of relationships with their children due to being overstressed and at unease which then causes a catastrophic education for the child. According to www.smithsonian.com’s How Growing Up in Poverty May Affect a Child’s Growing Brain, “...research has shown that growing up in difficult circumstances dictated by poverty can wreak damage to a child’s cognitive skills that last a lifetime.” (Stromberg, 2013) Unhealthy learning and relationships in young children can negatively affect the development of their brain. To grow up emotionally and socially healthy, children need a loving, caring, supporting guardian and a solid, secure living environment. Low-income makes it harder for parents to generate an unwary environment for their kids. Research done on conduct showed that children who come from unstable environments create more psychiatric disorders than their wealthy peers do. (Mccoy, Firck, Loney, and Ellis, 1999). Parents going though poverty may also go through other certain troubles including low self esteem, depression, anxiety, feeling impotent, or even losing their pride and dignity. These negative behaviors could reflect upon the child then causing them to act the same

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