So I Aint No Good Girl By Sharon Fllake

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Fake Love The story So I Aint No Good Girl by Sharon Flake ,I will discuss about the characters . The way the author describes the characters help me imagine how the characters looks. The author uses vivid imagery of realistic fiction and figurative language to describe the characters and their actions.’’ The sun and the moon , Raheem wrote in a poem once’’. ‘’Raheem is an amaterur boxer with a six pack and honey brown muscles that girls try to reach for . Sharon Flake used metaphors to describe and compare the characters descriptions . Her writing is vivid imagery because ‘The bus keeps rolling just like my tears , down my cheeks . I can imagine her tears rolling down her cheeks . She also used metaphor in the quote .The characters can be realistic because now days things like that happens all the times . Sharon Flake did a really good job on how each of the characters act .The way the characters look , act , and talk is the main key to make the story interesting .It has a bit of a drama about their relationship .Like how Raheem kissed another girl . I was thinking that she will break up with him but she didn’t .The story took a twist , instead she didn’t . She just kept crying and quiet.…show more content…
Tonight , when I see him, im gonna …im gonna … make him something nice to eat,, I think .And act like I ain’t seen nothing at

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