Origin Of Ratification Essay

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The Origins of Ratification are found in the constitution. Had it not been for the Ratification process, the constitution would have never been enacted through all the states. Although the ratification aided in this enactments there were still complications. Ratification gave grounds to voting from all states this means there are different ideologies on how governing a country should be. Some of these Ideologies that interfered were ignorance, tyranny, and a lack of Bill of Rights. The biggest battle ground for ratification was ignorance. The whole reason this ratification process took so long to take off is because antifederalists ignorantly debated points that had already been discussed between federalists. Federalists were more commonly…show more content…
6 ratification cont.). The reason being is because they did not want to be controlled by a tyrant leader nor a tyrant federal government. The king being one of the most sadistic and selfish leaders of all time left the people in fear of to controlling of a government. This reasonable concern is wat led to the enactment of a Bill of Rights. The main issue with the constitution is lack of specification for individual rights. The Bill of Rights is what gave way to the remainder of unratified states to ratify. The Bill of Rights was the first of Amendments in the constitution. This gave people their individual rights. One of these amendments is “No soldier shall, in the time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in manner to be prescribed by law.(America, George Brown Tindle pg. A86). Had it not been for these three issues not being solved a constitution may have never been enacted in all states. Because of the exposure such as federalist papers like Essay#10 by James Madison, ignorance was more likely to get avoided. The Bill of Rights is by far the most influential part of the acceptance of the constitution. By giving the people a more informed, and fair option they were able to have all governing states ratify the constitution. Because of this the United states has become a more fair and structured

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