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Reform movements in United States history have had a variety of impacts on society. Reform movements are movements that are introduced to try to create gradual change. Each movement or agenda is started by a group of people who think they are doing better for society. Some movements accomplish their initial goal while others do not. Some movements to not accomplish their goal in timely fashions as well; meaning it takes years for reform to actually be done. The purpose of this essay will be to explain and identify the impact of reform movements in the United States from the 1870s to the very early 1970s. One of the first attempts at reform of this time for America was the Great Strike of 1877. This strike launched a period of class conflict.…show more content…
Truman had issued an executive order do you segregating the army and Brown versus the Board of Education had overturned Plessy versus Ferguson's ruling that separate with equal. However, massive resistance met these rulings; in response the civil rights movement started. The Montgomery bus boycott was wear black sport coat of the city bus system until the Jim Crow ordinances were repealed they also established Siddons and practice civil disobedience they would sit at white lunch counters and silently protest. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was there looked it linger on the famous day of Mark August 1963 250,000 people marched on Washington and he gave his famous I have a dream speech. The efforts of the civil rights movement gave them the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is proposed by Kennedy. This act outlawed discrimination based on the basis of race and sex Pres. Johnson signed it. The voting rights act of 1865 was also enacted which forbid the use of literacy test, poll taxes and launched a highly effective voter registration drive.…show more content…
Women were intent on ending of the legal sex discrimination that face American women. Employers can refuse to hire women based on their sex, pay women less than men for the same job Adams also legal to keep women off of the jury. These women urged Kennedy for a Commission on the Status of Women. Eleanor Roosevelt headed it and Ester Peterson was her vice President. They found documentation based on the discrimination of sex in virtually all areas of life in the United States. So rights act of 1964 did being a racist sexist crimination in employment. The EEOC equal opportunity commission board is made to investigate and force the act and its provisions. However the commission considered sex discrimination a low priority. The national organization for women was intent on finding six discrimination in the workplace schools and government they worked with the system for equal opportunity at state and federal level. Women one federal action programs such as the equal rights amendment, which was not, ratified they also won the equal credit opportunity act. Another victory for women at this time was Griswold be Connecticut, which did expand birth control and that pill made sex for year and family planning easier the FDA approved it in May

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