Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Report

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My second Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was similar to the first meeting I attended. There was the normal readings shared among everyone and the token of sobriety given. As I entered the room the leader asked if this was my first meeting. I explained that it was my second meeting but I was actually there as an observer for a substance course I am taking. He was welcoming to the group and kept telling me how important it is to have more counselors. As the meeting started, I recognized a couple of people from the previous meeting, but there were some from out-of-town, some new to that meeting site, and one new to AA meetings completely. As everyone was introducing themselves one of the gentlemen from the first meeting commented, “you are the one who is becoming a counselor, right”, I told him, yes, I am here as the observer. Then the woman next to him said, “Yeah, you don’t look like an alcoholic”. Surprised doesn’t describe the feeling I felt when she said that. I was surprised to hear that comment in the first meeting, but to hear it again from someone new is simply…show more content…
It seemed like forever before anyone suggested a topic, but one gentleman asked if we could discuss how to regain trust back after hurting loved ones for so long. I thought that this was a great topic because it plays such a vital role in maintaining abstinence (social support). The gentleman acknowledged how his actions have caused the issues that his wife and he are experiencing, but he wanted to know how long it takes to gain trust back after the damage to the relationship and what he could do to help his wife began to trust him again. He explained how when they argue she calls him a drunk and blames everything on his drinking and so after hearing it over and over he reaches his breaking point and starts drinking

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