A Prayer For Owen Meany Analysis

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Not everything in life can be explained and some things just happen for a reason whether they can be explained or not. The same goes for the story A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. These events that cannot be explained in the story take place because the story is a work of the magical realism genre.This genre will be proven through examples of Owen doing magical things throughout the story, why the end of the story is magical and why this story isn’t the runner up genre which is mystery. One genre that almost won out for this story was the genre of mystery. Throughout the story there is always mysterious things that were going on and the reader don’t know why they are happening and why the author goes into such great detail about them.…show more content…
This one sentence shows the reader why this story is this genre because Owen knew that all of this would happen in a sense he didn’t know the exact events that would occur but, there was some magical thing that he possessed that helped him be able to predict that something would happen. Because he knew the date of his death, he knew to bring John along, he knew the nun would be there and he knew he would need the shot. This is all not a coincidence Owen used this magical thing that he possesses in his mind to predict all of this and because he did this he was able to prepare for whatever was going to happen. These examples shows us a direct relation to the meaning of this story. At the beginning of the story there were things happening that the reader was not sure what they meant exactly. The only thing that was known for sure was that it was not because of natural things. In the end though it is obvious that all of the magical things that owen did were for a reason because if he had not had faith that everything was going to turn out how it was supposed to he would have never done these things and he would have had no chance to save the lives of all of the

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