Schizophrenia In Black Swan

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BLACK SWAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS Melanie Cajuso Valencia College Intro to Psychology 19 November 2014 The movie Black Swan is psychological thriller following the story of Nina, a ballerina who auditioned for a New York City Ballet for a part in Swan Lake. Nina lives with her mother, which was once a ballerina as well. She motivates her and supports her profession, as she once wanted to be lead ballerina in Swan Lakes in her time. She was always a “shy, untroubled little girl”. The role in the ballet requires Nina to play both white swan and black swan. Her personality fits perfect for the role as the white swan but has trouble playing the dark and seductive part, which leads her to the mental disorder “schizophrenia”. “Schizophrenia is a severe psychological disorder that is characterized by highly disordered thought process” (King, 2013, p. 516). When having schizophrenia you may see things that are not actually there, hear different voices in your head, and live a horrifying world of twisted logic. Schizophrenia may cause extreme agitation. Many people do not make sense when they talk and many time sit still for hours without moving or saying anything. Is characterized as a heterogeneous condition and is usually diagnosed around early adulthood. When diagnosed with schizophrenia it…show more content…
Nina experiences numerous hallucinations in the film. The very first one is when she in the train on her way to auditions and she saw herself from a distance. She then comes to realize that it is Lily, a new dancer auditioning for the same part. Throughout the film she feels her own reflection is watching her. She numerously sees her face on Lily. The hallucination of herself as Lily is basically her darker and bolder side. Her hallucinations start escalating when she is granted the role of the black swan. She comes to believe Lily is trying to steal her spot in Swan

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