A Comparative Analysis Of David Sedaris Us And Them

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The technological boom we are living in today makes our lives easier, but what we never think about is how it's effecting us as a society. This issue is discussed in a comic manner by David Sedaris in his writing “Us and Them”. In this story a kid who just moved to North Carolina with his family, is intrigued by the lifestyle of his neighbors after being acknowledged the fact that they had no television in the house. So he tries everything he can to understand how different their life is from his. After reading this paper, my understanding is, although technology gives us many advantages, it is taking the place of some classical values that we all used to share, it is creating prejudices and division in the society bringing on the surface the most irrational part of each individual.…show more content…
David Sedaris underlines strongly this effect in his paper with these lines “Because they had no TV, the Tomkeys were forced to talk during dinner.” (Us and them 798) where the protagonist spies on his neighbors to see what would the Tomkeys do during dinner. In these lines is clear how technology is taking the place of the family interaction, and the worst part is the use of a strong word such as “forced” for something that should be a routine. Dinner, even in real life, is probably the only time when the whole family is sitting together and everybody share their thoughts or experiences during the day, at least that's what we used to do; because with the intervention of technology even the dinner is no longer the

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