American Football Game Analysis

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Football is widely popular in America and is still growing at an exponential rate. The game is popular with every age group, gender, and race. American football developed from the British game of Rugby (Smith, 2014). In 1920 the American Professional Football League Association began, and became the National Football League in 1922 (“Evolution,” 2013). Football at every level has been extremely successful with each having its own variation of rules, current trends, and issues. The rules of football have changed greatly since the game began. We now have rules requiring certain player equipment. In 1943 helmets became mandatory (“Evolution,” 2013). We also have new rules regarding how the game is played. In 1956 the down by contact rule was implemented, (“Evolution,” 2013). The major difference in our rules today is the emphasis on player safety. In 2011 and 2012 “defenseless players” became a focus of many rule changes in an effort to protect players that…show more content…
The biggest trend at all levels is the high paced, up-tempo, spread offense. In past years many people believed the best way to win games were to play conservative offense and tough defense. This mentality has changed greatly over the years. The spread offense has taken over, especially at the college level. This offense usually accompanies a no-huddle system to maximize the number of plays a team can run, and to physically wear out the defense. Teams that lacked top-notch athletes first used the spread offense to try and even the playing field against bigger schools. However, Urban Meyer, former head coach at The University of Florida, and Chip Kelly, former head coach at The University of Oregon, brought this offense to the forefront in major college football. These coaches were winning a large amount of games and setting offensive records. Since then, the spread offense and the principles of the offense have made its way into nearly every playbook around the

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