Sun Zi Art Of War Analysis

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Introduction Sun Zi’s Art of War is known as the oldest military classic in Chinese literature that was written by a Chinese philosopher, Sun Wu which was also named as Sun Zi. It was presented during the spring and autumn period to the Emperor He Lu of the Wu Kingdom about the theories of Art of War. Therefore, it has more than 2400 years old today. It is the most successful military strategy’s book in China that consists of 13 Chapters and contains about only 6200 words written in classical Chinese. Nowadays, most of the military academies in the world would make use on theories of Sun Zi’s Art of War to train the top military commanders. Moreover, a philosophy of war was presented in this book for managing conflicts…show more content…
This is to understand the timing for changing conditions and situation and thus achieve victory. As Sun Zi said: the conduct of war is a matter of vital importance to the nation. In reality, business competition is similar to a real war and thus win or lose in the competition will definitely determine the survival or death of a company. Thus, the understanding and ability to apply war’s strategy such as “Sun Zi Art of War” in a wise, flexible and correct timing and methods is very important. Our group had chosen “Seven Eleven Company” as our study object in Sun Zi Art of War Topic 1 in Detailed Assessment…show more content…
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