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BEHAVIOR EXPLANATION #2 Behavior Observation/Description (5 pts) During the summer of 2010, I took a math summer course at the high school I was going to enter. I had just graduated from middle school, so technically I was considered to be a freshmen. Since the class was Algebra, most students in there were also freshmen. The only reason why I took that summer class was to have something to do over the summer. I could tell that a lot of the students there were not very serious about the class. A good amount were just class clowns and immature. The course was set up in three two-hour periods with a 15 and a 30 minute lunch break in between. One day after the lunch break, we went back to class a few minutes early. One of the students made a…show more content…
Once the AP came out of the office, everyone became serious. I don’t know why the AP asked me to explain what had happened. I was already scared to talk to him. All I said was that we were laughing at a joke and Mr. Hamilton just made pointed at us and told us to go to the office. I really did not know what else to tell him, since that’s basically what had happened. I did make sure that I did not have an attitude when I spoke to the AP since it was going to be my first year of high school there and I did not want to have a bad reputation with the…show more content…
Hamilton pointed at me and told me that I had to go to the office, I was in disbelief. I did not understand why I would every get sent to the office since I considered myself to be a good student. Besides we were only laughing. As soon as I go to the AP’s office with the rest of the group, my attitude changed completely. One moment I was saying negative things about Mr. Hamilton and as soon as the assistant principal [3. authority figure] showed up, I became serious [1. changing one’s behavior]. The AP asked me to explain what had happened [2. direct order] that made Mr. Hamilton send us all in to get a write-up. I felt like I had to explain what happened in a serious tone in order for him to not have any more reason to get us more in

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