Importance Of Culture Days In Oakville's Culture

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There was music playing, kids running everywhere and a hall filled with arts and crafts, this years’ Culture Days didn’t fall short of its title. On Sept. 26, The Elizabeth Community and Cultural Centre celebrated its annual Culture Days. Culture Days was made as a result of the growing appreciation that the arts and cultures throughout the world can commit to a lively and stable community. Culture Days promotes the attention, convenience, participation and engagement of Canadians in the cultural life of their neighborhood. The event showcases the cultural activities offered in the community’s area and gives the programs a chance to display their work. From acting lessons to Scottish country dancing, there was something there for everyone.…show more content…
They still have some thread and pieces of fibre,” said Chris Booth, the coach chairman of hanging the display. The gallery was filled with intricate pieces made up of felt, beads, and patterns. Paintings hung on the walls came to life with three-dimensional elements incorporated in them. “Fibre art is a new term, but it uses a lot of the tradition methods. They are just taking a lot of steps further in more of the art area. Anything goes, any combination, we have traditional techniques, but maybe on a felted background,” said Booth. Although traditional methods can be fun to start with, they can get repetitive. “I started off as a traditional quilter and after quilting for 35 years you can only do so much, so now with the stitchery, the beading, ice dying and felting, you can take it anywhere you want it. It’s a little more interesting.” Just down the hall everyone was welcomed to come pick out the patterns of their choice to make in to charity quilts. Scrap pieces of all colours and patterns were laid across a long table ready for people do search through to find the perfect piece to their block. Upon completion, the quilts were stitched together by

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