Animal Liberation By Peter Singer Summary

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Peter Singer wrote an essay concerning animal testing titled “Animal Liberation”, his work faced the issue if animal testing is wrong. The main problem that is faced when concerning this topic of animal testing is, do animals have feelings? Common sense seems to dictate that animals do in fact have feelings. In “Animal Liberation” Peter Singer has offered harsh critiques of scientists for conducting tests with animals. I think Mr. Singer is mistaken because he overlooks the impact that animal testing has had on modern medicine and society. Even if animals have feelings, animal testing would still need to continue. To side with Peter Singer, cruelty to animals needs to be avoided. According to Mr. Singer cruelty is “causing pain when there was no reason for doing so, merely sheer sadism or callous indifference”. Singer’s point is that cruelty can only exist when reason does not. This goes on to beg the question, Is animal testing cruel? By definition, no, not at all. This deeply challenges the…show more content…
She pontificates “The history of the humane movement is largely a history of miseries, arrests, prosecution, and death”. This shows that the humane movement is not as solid as needed if change were to occur. One can see how Mrs. Hearne arrived at this conclusion, the best example being peta. Most people will tell you that peta is a do good foundation. At first glance you would see that peta spreads the message of animal rights in different and outgoing ways. But upon closer inspection one can see the evil they have committed behind the curtain. For example, peta operates “shelters” around the nation. These “shelters” claim take in strays and old pets and euthanize them. However, they have been known to steal dogs and cats, euthanize adoptable pets, and 90% of pets that enter their “shelters” are euthanized within 24 hours. My conclusion, then, is that peta is not helping but it is harming the humane

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