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Amelia Earhart is a female pilot who was a revolution amongst her peers. She did not want to be the dainty woman society demanded her to be. She had passions and goals of being someone who could change the world and how people viewed it. It wasn’t always easy reaching her goals and ambitions, but she got through it and became an amazing pilot. Amelia Earhart is an outstanding woman with a lot of experiences to share with the world; from her early beginnings to her final flight, she proved who she was as a woman and an aviator to everyone who doubted her. Amelia Earhart was born in 1897. She grew up in Atchison, Kansas. She was the daughter of a railroad attorney, and she had to stay with her grandparents during the winter. Her grandparents,…show more content…
She decided to attend a state fair where she viewed an aircraft for the first time when she was ten years old. Shockingly, this plane did not impress her by the slightest; she thought it was uninteresting and boring. It was when she attended a stunt-flying exhibition a decade later. This made her become interested in aviation (CMG). As she aged, she had many different occupations such as a nurse aide, social worker, and a truck driver. Amelia Earhart graduated from Hyde Park High School in Chicago. The following summer, her mother received an inheritance which enabled her to attend the Ogontz School, a prestigious school in Philadelphia. She did exceedingly well in her studies, the most notable being literature and became she became the vice president of her…show more content…
“Earhart’s mysterious disappearance captured the public’s imagination and generated numerous theories and claims” (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). It ignited a whole industry of conspiracy theorists and "researchers." There are two main details about these ideas. The first theory is that her around-the-world flight was a cover for an undercover mission, composed by President Roosevelt to analyze what the Japanese were up to in the Pacific. Secondly, she and Fred Noonan weren't engorged by the Pacific Ocean, but they were captured and held hostage by the

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