Theme Of Revelation In The Scarlet Letter

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in the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne the imagery of Revelation is constently used to bring the reader into the characters view of the impact past them. These "revelations" scattered throughout history, function as alarm clocks or achievements of the current situation that the character is present in situations they may face in the future. All the characters in the story have some sort of revelation. A key theme of discovery used in this story is the realization of identification; This is presented as the characters who already think they know someone and what they represented, but they have been proved wrong beliefs. Another repetition of a theme used in the story is the use of scaffolding in the center of the city to place a revelation in the characters lives. The situation of the scaffold occurs three times in the story, each time with different circumstances and a change in control of the scene; but a revelation that changes the character a bit of what they were before they stood on the scaffold. The first example appears when the scaffolding is the beginning of the story when Hester was sentenced to stand on her, carrying her child and ominous letter 'A' for a set…show more content…
Chillingworth with the revelation of who the minister is really Hester, a noticeable change is now on Chillingworth. Was so intense and severe glare doctor in the night Dimmesdale was quite afraid of him. Chillingworth now realizes that he took care of the man he had already provided care and with whom he now lives with. The doctor now sees revered as his "victim" and contempt for now pushes him every day in his mind. This hatred for the priest and for what he has done today motivates the doctor every day to keep this man alive bare his sin; Chillingworth gasoline wants the guilt of the Reverend to kill

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